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Leading the Charge to Electrify British Businesses

Vivaro & Combo Electric - Made in Britain, For Britain

The Vauxhall van range has been trusted by British Businesses for decades, with our electric range becoming the nation's favourite. We have outsold the competition and are setting the standard with the Vivaro winning the WHATCAR? Best medium electric Van award for 2024.

Our newest TV campaign boasts our all-new electric van range with the updated designs, improved technology and increased range. Vauxhall is ready to continue its proud tradition of powering British Businesses.

Vauxhall continue to be comitted to building electric vans in Britain. With the Combo electric van being built in Ellesmere Port plant in Cheshire which is the first British manufacturing plant dedicated to electric vehicles. Between our first-class electric product and our commitment to strong local manufacturing - Vauxhall is going the etxra mile to energise a better Britain.

Leading the Charge

Vauxhall's bestselling Vivaro electric is Britain's favourite electric van with up to 217 miles electric range and it's versatility to be the ideal commercial vehicle for any job.

The newest Vivaro design offers excellent electric efficienct, leading to extra cost savings on fuel. The Vivaro 

Based on SMMT data. 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024. 5,429 Vauxhall electric van units registered. 

A cleaner drive, by miles

Electric is at the centre of everything Vauxhall does, and it isn't just a future trend. It is here, now.

All of our electric vans produce ZERO NO2 emissions at the tail pipe. These zero emissions allow us all to breathe deeper and cleaner air, which aids in improving our local communities.

Based on tailpipe carbon dioxide emission. Combo Diesel CO2 per KM starts at 136g vs Combo Electric CO2 per KM at 0g. Vivaro Diesel CO2 per KM starts at 164g vs Vivaro Electric CO2 per KM at 0g. Based on tailpipe nitrogen dioxide emissions. Combo Diesel NO2 per KM starts at 73.8g vs Combo Electric NO2 per km at 0g. Vivaro Diesel NO2 per KM starts at 42.2g vs Combo Electric NO2 per km at 0g.

Made in Britain, for Britain

Starting in 1932, Vauxhall have been supporting the local community and the British economy. With its own Combo Electric vans being made and produced in Ellesmere Port plant, UK which is dedicated to the sole production of electric vehicles.

Vauxhall's mission continues to energise a better Britain as the industry begins its transition into an all-electric future, we have pursued the continuation for the freedom of personal mobility. This commitment has ensured our support for not only British workers but making electric mobility affordable for all.

Quietly Powerful

A reduction in noise pollution is helping to support our movement to energise a better Britain and ultimately reduce the overall impact on local communities. The Vauxhall Electric Van range is leading the charge in reducing noise pollution for everybody.

Based on stationary van that is running. Stationary Vivaro Diesel produces 81 decibels vs 0 decibels for Vivaro Electric. Stationary Combo Diesel produces 74 decibels vs 0 decibels for Combo Electric.

Discover Our Electric Van Range Offers

Take a look at our Electric Van Range

There is a Vauxhall Electric Van for every purpose and need.

Find Out More About Electric Benefits & Hydrogen Technology

Extra Benefits of Electric

  • Low running costs and increased savings when switching to electric.
  • Utilise Government grants of up to £5,000 when upgrading your van to electric.
  • Enjoy lower maintenance costs when going electric - the modern technology leads to fewer parts thus less to repair and replace.

Hydrogen Technology, the future of motibility

Vauxhall's newest ZERO emissions Vivaro e-HYDROGEN light commercial vehicle has an increased range of up to 249 miles. Refuel takes a minor three minutes and the total cargo volume is up to 6.1m3, equal to a diesel or battery electric versions.

For longer distance drivers, the Vauxhall Movano HYDROGEN is the ideal vehicle with a range of up to 331 miles (WLTP) and is refuellable in around five minutes.