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ID. Buzz

From £58,915.00 (inc.VAT)

Welcome to the ID Family.

Fully electric, fully connected, full of new ideas.

The new ID. Buzz is more than just "high tech” – it’s "human tech".

An intelligent companion that instantly creates positive vibes with its characteristic smile. It may not be a droid, but we’re sure the newest member of the ID. Family will find fans right away wherever it goes.

Discover how the visionary design of the ID. Buzz combines compact dimensions with spaciousness, innovative technology, and an interior made partly from recycled materials. Connected and digital features such as the smart ID. Light system help ID. Buzz redefine modern e-mobility.

Electric range combined (WLTP):          Charge time 5% to 80%:
      258 Miles                                   Approx. 30 minutes


The Design of a New Era

Revolution not Evolution

A visual homage to the first campervan, but also completely unique: the expressive design of the ID. Buzz intertwines modern proportions with innovative technology.

To bring its iconic design into the age of electric mobility, we have reinterpreted it with the characteristic design DNA of the ID. models. A style-defining feature is the flowing silhouette with its flat and elongated roof line, running from front to rear. Compact proportions and a small turning circle ensure great everyday usability, allowing the ID. Buzz to manoeuvre dynamically through the streets despite its dimensions.

Based on the iconic design of the first-generation campervan, it is optionally available in four two-tone paint finishes along with adjustable ten colour ambient lighting, as standard on Life, or up to 30 colours on Style.


The completely redesigned concept with comfortable and adjustable seating not only offers more space and a flexible interior but makes loading even easier. The optional electric tailgate and Easy-Open function, standard on Style, can be operated with just a foot gesture and without taking the key out of your pocket.

With smart features, optimised interior space and its innovative lighting, the new ID. Buzz is a true leader.

Engine And Performance

The Electric Drive: Moving you into the Future

Suitable for everyday use, dynamic and delivered net-carbon-neutral. These are the characteristics of the innovative electric drive in the new ID. Buzz.

It masters everyday challenges. The electric motor, which is cleverly housed in the rear, has a maximum output of 150 kW - that’s the equivalent of 204 PS. The battery with 77 kWh net energy content ensures the ID. Buzz can drive up to 258 miles without going to a charging station. Environmentally conscious, fully-electric and robust - the ID. Buzz sets new standards at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Fast charging, long range and smart charging solutions: The lithium-ion high-voltage battery in the vehicle floor of the ID. Buzz offers a net energy content of 77 kWh (gross: 82 kWh). You can travel up to 258 miles without recharging.

The maximum charging power for fast charging (DC) is up to 170 kW. At this charging rate, it only takes around 30 minutes to charge the battery from 5% to 80%. To make the charging process even easier, thanks to Plug & Charge you only have to plug in the cable and charging begins. With this technology, your authentication data is stored in the car after its first use. After that, the charging station will automatically recognise who you are. 

This technology has been available in part since 2022 and will be gradually rolled out via an ISO-certified standard so that you can use more and more Plug & Charge charging stations in the future.

Agile and manoeuvrable: The innovative powertrain of the new ID. Buzz is seamlessly integrated into the rear axle. It has a maximum output of 204 PS, which accelerates the electric vehicle from 0 to 62mph in 10.2 seconds. This enables trailer loads of up to 1,000 kg to be easily attached to the optional device.

With maximum torque of 310Nm, available on demand, combined with a low centre of gravity thanks to the battery location in the “sandwich floor”, the ID. Buzz is very agile. A small turning circle of just 11.1 metres, means it can also be easily steered through the narrow inner-city streets.

Connectivity & Technology


Connected present and future: The new ID. Buzz impresses with numerous digital features.

Thanks to Car2X, the ID. Buzz can communicate with other networked road users, keeping you updated in advance of possible dangers and traffic incidents. With over 30 assistance systems available on board and good visibility thanks to the LED matrix headlights found on Style – the new ID. Buzz offers a high level of safety, comfort and quality.

With its permanently installed SIM card, it is "always on", meaning digital functions can be easily updated. With "over-the-air" updates using We Connect, the software for the systems can be conveniently updated at the touch of a button.

Updates enhance the functionality of the digital systems in your ID. Buzz. With over-the-air updates via We Connect, it can automatically carry out updates overnight if you confirm it on your infotainment system. This means you’re always up-to-date with your ID. Buzz.

Vehicles can communicate with each other in road traffic and warn each other of local danger spots. Car2X technology expands the range of a vehicle’s sensors many times over by including information from other road and infrastructure users to assess the current overall situation. Smart software and electronics increase safety to a new level. An example of this is the “Local Warnings” service. The ID. models communicate with each in a range of 800 metres within milliseconds. Thanks to their numerous sensors, the electric vehicles quickly detect potential hazards – and automatically warn other road users in the vicinity via a Wi-Fi radio signal.

The ID. Light communicates visually with you and, in combination with the standard navigation system, helps you get through traffic more easily. If you use the voice control, you get a light signal in response to your voice. When you get out of your ID. Buzz, the ID. Light says goodbye – with an intelligent light signal.

Travel Assist with swarm data helps you to stay in lane, maintain the distance to the vehicle in front and keep to the maximum speed you set.

To do this, one of the things it uses is adaptive lane guidance. This actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. Travel Assist with swarm data adapts to your driving style and instead of staying exactly in the middle, can keep the car further to the left or right in the lane.

On the motorway, Travel Assist with swarm data can also actively help you when changing lanes.

If the data is available, Travel Assist with swarm  data just needs to detect the edge of the road in order to stay in lane, for example on country roads without a marking along the middle.

In addition, Travel Assist with swarm data features predictive cruise control and cornering assistance. The vehicle speed can be adjusted to the applicable speed limits as well as the course of the road (curves, roundabouts etc.).

Innovative Room Concept


Experience environmentally friendly mobility together: Whether with the whole family or on a trip with friends, whether in the city or in the country, the new ID. Buzz is a multifunctional all-rounder, suitable for everyday use, and convenient - not least due to the small turning circle of just over 11 metres.

The completely re-developed interior offers plenty of legroom with comfortable and  adjustable seats offering complete flexibility. Even with all passengers on board, the five-seater has plenty of luggage space, with a capacity of up to 1,121 litres behind the second row of seats.

Welcome to the Digital World

Digital cockpit, internet connection, mobile online services and integrated voice control - the new ID. Buzz offers the latest technology.

The cockpit of the ID. Buzz provides a shelf for almost everything - even for your smartphone, in which it can be charged inductively. You can conveniently transfer music, audio books or messages from your smartphone to the optional 12-inch colour touchscreen infotainment system using App-Connect, from which you can use to operate numerous functions such as the DAB+ radio. In combination with the seven standard USB-C ports, the ID. Buzz offers other excellent networking and entertainment.

The smart services from We Connect10 connect your ID. Buzz with the World and transform your smartphone into a remote control with the We Connect ID. App. This way, you always have an eye on your vehicle and can control some features remotely.

Everything included: mobile storage space for life on the go

Storage made easy: the large ID. Buzz Box is the flexible feature designed for quickly and efficiently storing all everyday things in the interior - between the driver and front passenger.

Thanks to the multifunctional, removable storage box, items such as drinks bottles, sunglasses and the like are easily arranged and accessible when you take a break. In addition to drawers with plenty of storage space, the mobile ID. Buzz Box also features a bottle opener and ice scraper built into the top shelf. With the box removed, you also have optimal access to the rear, with flexible space created between the front seats.

Modern Lighting that Communicates with You

A large part of the unique appearance of the ID. Buzz is the modern lighting design. In conjunction with the standard Keyless Advanced locking and starting system, when you approach the vehicle, its LED matrix headlights (only on Style) pivot and light up with a friendly “open eye” as a greeting.

You are then welcomed by the interactive light in the ID. Buzz’s interior along with a subtle sound, with the ambient lighting ensuring a pleasant atmosphere throughout the journey. A total of two colours can be selected at the same time with brightness configurable separately and individually for four areas.

Thanks to the "Coming & Leaving Home function", the ID. Buzz brings light in the dark by lighting up the path ahead.

This innovative lighting technology of the ID. Buzz provides highlights in everyday life.

Make the ID. Buzz Your Own

The external appearance of the new ID. Buzz can be customised to your personal taste. In addition to the colour scheme, the selection of the wheels plays a particularly important role. Depending on if you have opted for the Life or Style trim you will have a choice of either a 19” or 21” light-alloy wheels.

Seven Seater ID. Buzz Revealed

Futuristic Technology & Faster Charging

The seven seater ID. Buzz is here and images have finally been revealed. Ahead of the World Premiere livestream, here’s everything we know so far.

One of the most spacious electric vehicles, it will also incorporate:

  • High-efficiency drive system with new 85 kWh battery (net) and new 210 kW electric drive motor 
  • Largest glass roof ever produced by Volkswagen, a newly developed panoramic sunroof with electronically controlled tinting
  • Latest ID. software: a further developed generation of the infotainment system with the latest software and new head-up display make their debut in the large ID. Buzz

Longer and even more flexible and spacious: the new seven seater ID. Buzz provides the additional space you may need. Thanks to the additional 3rd row of seats with ISOFIX and Top Tether, this longer wheelbase version ID. Buzz offers space for 6 or 7 people, depending on the configuration. The two seats in the 3rd row of seats are adjustable and can be removed quickly and easily if necessary - great if you want to transport a little more luggage or equipment from A to B. 

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Voted MPV of the Year at Top Gear Awards 2022

  • All-electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz named Multi-Purpose Vehicle of the Year at Top Gear Awards 2022

Praising the ID. Buzz in particular for its impressive spaciousness and clever storage configurations, the judges also highlighted the vehicle’s futuristic interior and innovative technology.

Thanks to Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, there is no compromise on space or versatility. With foldable passenger seats and ample load space, the ID. Buzz was deemed the ultimate family-friendly car, suitable for the challenges of everyday life.


Volkswagen’s first purpose-built electric van was additionally praised for its ability to make the switch to e-mobility more attractive by outperforming its competitors on driving fun, while harking back to the manufacturer’s iconic classic camper. That said, the fully-connected infotainment systems and forward-thinking powertrain work to showcase the ID. Buzz’s innovation and futuristic technology.

Ollie Marriage, Head of Car Testing at Top Gear, said: “The ID. Buzz is a gamechanger. Nothing feels as bright, modern and exciting to be in. No SUV is anything like as spacious or family friendly. No electric car is more desirable. No MPV has ever had the world at its feet. Until now.”

Head of National Sales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Rob Holdcroft, said: “We are delighted the ID. Buzz has been voted MPV of the Year 2022 by Top Gear, and recognised as a unique and exciting offering. We’ve been amazed by the amount of attention the vehicle has received since its launch, and hearing high praise such as this really is testament to the remarkable work of our entire team.”

To hear what the judges had to say about the ID. Buzz, the full video of the awards can be watched here.

All Volkswagen ID. Buzz Grades

Find the right one for you

We have offers across the range and we are here to help find the best offer for you. We can tailor a finance solution for you and also organise your part exchange. Feel free to contact us for more information on our great range of offers.

ID. Buzz Life

ID. Buzz Life


- 19" "Tilburg" alloy wheels
- 10-colour ambient lighting
- 'Discover Pro' navigation system with 10" screen
- App-Connect incl. App-Connect Wireless for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
- Two USB-C ports in dashboard, one USB-C charging socket in front passenger area, and four USB-C charging sockets in rear
- Rear view camera
- Heated, leatherette wrapped and multifunction steering wheel with touch control (in black)
- Heated front seats
- Heated windscreen

ID. Buzz Style

ID. Buzz Style


- 20" 'Solna' alloy wheels
- 30-colour adaptive interior ambient lighting and tailgate surround lighting
- Power tailgate (opening/closing) with Easy Open and Easy Close
- Advanced high-beam control Dynamic Light Assist for LED matrix headlamps
- IQ.LIGHT - LED matrix headlamps with automatic headlight control, poor weather light, entry lighting
- Illuminated moulding between headlamps and illuminated door handle recesses
- Steering wheel, dashboard and central controls in Electric White

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