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Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Find your Genuine Volkswagen OEM parts with us.

We're open five days a week Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:30 and Saturdays by appointment only. Call us on 01902 597874 to enquire today.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are designed specifically for our vehicles and help to provide optimal vehicle performance and fuel economy. Initially Genuine Parts may come at a small premium but their high quality and durability ensure they offer the lowest cost over the life of your vehicle and they can contribute to maintaining your vehicle’s used market value.

For your peace of mind Genuine Parts are covered by a two-year warranty** (excluding wear and tear) with unlimited mileage.


**Genuine Volkswagen parts, fitted by Volkswagen trained technicians. Warranty applies from date of purchase, excludes wear and tear and does not apply to parts fitted under the terms of the vehicle warranty

Replacing Brake Pads & Discs

Genuine brake discs and pads help minimise stopping distances enhancing the safety of your vehicle, its occupants, other road users and pedestrians. They are designed specifically for your Volkswagen model and tailored to its weight, engine output power and top speed for optimum braking performance, shorter stopping distances and enhanced service life.

The Benefits:

The Benefits of Changing your Brake Pads & Discs

Peace of mind, knowing your brakes are in good working order to keep you (and other road users) safe.

Why it's Important:

Why do you need to change them?

When you brake, the brake discs that rotate with the wheels are gripped by brake pads, slowing the car down. Both discs and pads can become worn and corroded, so it's vital they are checked regularly for your safety.

What happens if they are not changed?

If your brakes aren't maintained regularly you won't be able to brake as efficiently. As well as reduced stopping power, worn or corroded brake parts can make your car vibrate and become really noisy.

Replacing Cambelt

The cambelt should be routinely replaced depending on mileage or the length of time fitted to the vehicle. A genuine cambelt is made from high strength material which prevents stretching, while being wear-resistant, highly durable and extremely resistant to heat and moisture. Each component is of identical quality to those produced when your vehicle was manufactured and is designed in conjunction with all other related parts, so they continue to work together in perfect harmony.

The Benefits:

The benefits of changing your cambelt

Peace of mind knowing excessive wear to your engine and the risk of snapping of the belt have been minimised and that your engine life is prolonged.

Why it's important:

Why do you need to change them?

The cambelt is one of the hardest working parts in your engine, driving major parts of the engine and keeping everything synchronised. Changing it prevents snaps, cracks and tears which in turn minimises the risk of major engine damage.

What happens if it's not changed?

The belt can go slack, making it snap or jump. This can cause severe damage to the engine. Your vehicle will break down and could be very expensive to repair.

Replacing Air Filters

The quality of the air filter is vitally important to prevent wear and damage to engine components. Removal of moisture from the air is even more important in modern engines with the increased use of electronic components. Genuine air filters are manufactured using low flammable materials and meet the strict quality standards of the Volkswagen Group, DIN and ISO.

The Benefits:

The benefits to changing your air filters

1. Optimised engine performance and fuel economy.

2. Maintains the mechanical integrity of the engine.

Why it's Important:

Why do you need to change them?

Your air filter stops dirt and dust particles entering the engine. Just like your vacuum cleaner, it needs to be kept clean to work properly.

What happens if it's not changed?

Fresh air is vital for your car's engine to perform well. If the air filter is not replaced when needed it could lead to a drop in performance as the engine tries to 'breathe' through a dirty filter. Your car could then be difficult to start.

Replacing DSG Transmission Oil and Filter

A genuine oil filter ensures clean, circulating oil enters your engine by effectively removing soot, oil carbons, dust and metal particles from the engine oil. Exceptionally durable and made from a fine grade, high quality, material it gives your engine optimum protection from contaminants, minimising engine wear for the entire interval between services and prolonging your engine’s life.

The Benefits:

Benefits to having my DSG oil and filter changed

1. Saves on costly gearbox repairs.

2. Improves your vehicle's performance.

3. Keeps your warranty valid for any repairs to parts related to the gearbox.

Why it's important:

Why does my DSG transmission oil and filter need to be changed?

This sophisticated piece of engineering needs regular oil changes.

The smooth two-clutch system is computer-controlled with very fine engineering tolerances.

If the gearbox oil is dirty it will damage the other parts and affect the performance.

What happens if it's not changed?

Dirty oil can overheat the gearbox or cause the clutches to burn out. This will lead to poor gear selection, loss of power and transmission failure.

Benefits of Genuine Parts

  • Manufacturer expertise: All our Genuine Parts are approved by Volkswagen product experts.
  • Precision fit: Because every Genuine Part is tailored to Volkswagen models, they help your Volkswagen retain its value.
  • Quality: Product tests carried out by independent inspectors ensure Volkswagen Genuine Parts are always of the highest quality.

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