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Future Vehicles

Welcome to the future of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Introducing the ID. Buzz GTX


We have revealed the new ID. Buzz GTX (250KW/340 PS), coming to the UK later this year. It's the most powerful model in the ID. Buzz line-up. The ID. Buzz GTX is characterised by new exterior styling elements including a black air intake grille in honeycomb design, GTX badging and a new exclusive paint finish in Cherry red.


The standard wheelbase will have a 79kWh battery, the long wheelbase will be equipped with a 86 kWh battery. The new model accelerates to 100km/h in about 6.5 seconds (forecast). With maximum trailer weight of up to 1,800kg and all-wheel drive, the ID. Buzz GTX is ideal as an electric towing vehicle for bikes, boats or horse trailers.

World Premiere of the ID. Buzz with long wheelbase

Electric panoramic sunroof "Smart Glass": The sky on wheels


Brings more light into your life: the optional electric panoramic sunroof in the new seven seater ID. Buzz ensures a light-filled interior space and a generous view to the outside world. The glass roof features a multi-layered "Smart Glass", with switchable liquid crystal film, which means it can switch to privacy mode via a slider in the roof console if desired. The roof also features light and heat protection so you don't have to worry about UV protection anymore. What’s more, there are also three centimetres more headroom. The new seven seater ID. Buzz not only brings more outside inside, but also improves the feeling of spaciousness.


Expected to be available in the UK in the middle of 2024. 

Space for up to 7 people with a 3rd row of seats

Longer and even more flexible and spacious: the new seven seater ID. Buzz provides the additional space you may need. Thanks to the additional 3rd row of seats with ISOFIX and Top Tether, this longer wheelbase version ID. Buzz offers space for 6 or 7 people, depending on the configuration. The two seats in the 3rd row of seats are adjustable and can be removed quickly and easily if necessary - great if you want to transport a little more luggage or equipment from A to B. 

Longer equals further: New battery, longer range

It is longer and can go further: thanks to the new standard 85 kWh (net capacity) lithium-ion high-voltage battery, the seven seater ID. Buzz has a range of up to 474 kilometres1. The highly efficient heat pump, which can be added optionally, also helps with this as well as also heating the interior. It uses less energy from the high-voltage battery, which creates a further range advantage over electric vehicles without a heat pump. Thanks to the new lithium-ion high-voltage battery, is also slightly faster (top speed 160 km/h) and has a torque of 550 Nm. More acceleration and more power when pulling loads of up to 1,000 kg.


Launching in April, the New Crafter has been designed with business in mind. The cockpit in particular has been completely redesigned and now features the latest generation of infotainment systems. There's also a multifunction steering wheel, an electronic parking brake and various assist systems.

Countdown to the new Transporter has begun

We have released some teaser images of the new Transporter and the shuttle version of the vehicle with state-of-the-art drive and assist systems and a payload of over a tonne. Watch this page for more details as more images and vehicle specification are released.  

The all-new California CONCEPT has arrived!

The all-new California CONCEPT was introduced to the world at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon trade fair on the 24 August. Larger, more comfortable and with greater flexibility, the new model represents the brand’s vision for the camper van of the future.

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