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Ready for the fully electric future

New Generation XD and XF Electric

Interested in one of our new trucks?

As an official EV Centre of Excellence, we're excited to bring you the latest in electric truck technology, fleet electrification, and top-notch maintenance and repair services.
At Greenhous Commercials, we're proud to support businesses in their journey towards a greener future. Our EV Centre of Excellence allows us to offer your business the ultimate expertise, technology and servicing package.
In this video, we'll show you how Greenhous Commercials can help your business electrify its fleet and guide you through every step from selecting the right DAF Truck to setting up charging infrastructure to providing the necessary maintenance to ensure your electric trucks are always in top condition.

More and more European municipalities are announcing that, in the future, only zero-emission vehicles will be allowed on inner-city roads. As a result, fully electric trucks will become a must for transport companies operating in urban areas. The New Generation DAF XD and XF can be fitted with a fully electric PACCAR e-powertrain enabling you to meet new regulations and contribute to healthier cities. PACCAR e-powertrains have been fully tested, offering efficient charging systems, robust electric motors and a large geographical range. With this flexible, high-performance solution, you can deploy a battery electric vehicle for distribution and municipal applications in rural areas.

The advanced DAF XD and XF Electric trucks are powered by the efficient and reliable PACCAR EX-D1 and PACCAR EX-D2 permanent magnet e-motors, which offer outputs from 170 kW/230 hp to 350 kW/480 hp. To perfectly tailor these electric vehicles to your needs and application, a full range of battery packs with 2 up to 5 strings is available, resulting in ‘zero emission’ ranges of over 500 kilometers on a single charge. As a result, through optimal vehicle and charging planning, the trucks can even realize an impressive 1,000 fully electric kilometers per day.

The New Generation XD Electric and XF Electric can be fast charged with powers up to 325 kW, allowing to boost a 3-string battery pack in just over 45 minutes from 0 to 80% of its capacity. Even the largest battery pack can be fully charged from empty to 100% in less than 2 hours.

Vehicle Type  e-Motor Engine Output Torque Number of Strings Output Battery Pack
DAF XD Electric PACCAR EX-D1 170 kW (230 hp) 1,200 Nm 2 to 5 Strings  210 kWh to 525 kWh
DAF XD Electric PACCAR EX-D1 220 kW (300 hp) 1,200 Nm 3 to 5 Strings 315 kWh to 525 kWh
DAF XD Electric PACCAR EX-D1 270 kW (370 hp) 1,200 Nm 3 to 5 Strings  315 kWh to 525 kWh
DAF XD / XF Electric PACCAR EX-D2 270 kW (370 hp) 1,975 Nm 3 to 5 Strings  315 kWh to 525 kWh
DAF XD / XF Electric PACCAR EX-D2 310 kW (420 hp) 1,975 Nm 4 to 5 Strings 420 kWh or 525 kWh
DAF XD / XF Electric PACCAR EX-D2 350 kW (480 hp) 1,975 Nm 4 to 5 Strings 420 kWh or 525 kWh