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Nissan's Modified Ariya e-4ORCE Embarks on the Ultimate Electric Adventure

Arctic Trucks, a company specializing in polar expedition vehicles, has teamed up with Nissan's design and engineering departments to equip the Nissan ARIYA for its most extreme expedition yet. The Nissan ARIYA will face ice fields, deep snow, mountain climbs, and desert dunes, so it was modified with a custom rugged exterior, raised suspension, and flared wheel arches to accommodate large tires and extra body kit.

Despite these modifications, the Nissan ARIYA retains its original battery-electric powertrain and the dual-motor setup with Nissan's exclusive all-wheel drive system, e-4ORCE, designed specifically for electric and electrified vehicles. The most noticeable changes are the increased suspension and massive 39-inch off-road tires, ensuring the expedition Nissan ARIYA is ready for even the harshest conditions.

In addition to its stunning exterior design and lounge-like interior, the vehicle is also equipped with a built-in espresso machine to provide comfort for British adventurer Chris and his wife Julie on their journey to reach the South Pole. According to Matthew Weaver, Vice President of Nissan Design Europe, "With the Nissan ARIYA, our global team put their hearts and souls into the car to create a very special product, designed to excel in a variety of environments."

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