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Martha Lily Photography | Sponsorship


Greenhous Nissan are incredibly proud to announce their most recent sponsorship with Equine portrait photographer Martha Lily!.

They have gifted Martha a different Nissan per month for the next 3 months so she can experience first-hand Nissan's fantastic and variable vehicle range, which you can find out more about here.

She will be using the provided Nissans to attend her privately booked photoshoots & Equestrian events where she offers her professional photography services. She's worked with brands, such as Fairfax & FavourForelock & Fringe and also collaborated with a number of influencers, making her a trailblazing name within the industry.

Whilst discovering and utilising the Nissan range she will be vlogging her personal experience and reviewing the vehicles as she travels around the nation showcasing her talent. Keep your eyes peeled for her unique content! 

We'd like to thank Martha for collaborating with us and if you'd like to get booked in for a photoshoot with Martha please visit her website here - 

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Libby Scott

Digital Business Executive for Greenhous Group