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It's National Apprenticeship Week

Its National Apprenticeship Week!
Is an apprenticeship the right path for you? Check out John's apprenticeship journey below...
"I started my apprenticeship in 2012 at Greenhous DAF Wolverhampton. I’ve always wanted to be a mechanic/technician, as a child I was always taking things apart and rebuilding them. I believe that the apprenticeship was the right path for me as I was learning a trade while doing what I enjoyed and earning some money.
I enjoyed working with other people in the workshop and learning off of them. In particular, I enjoyed working on electrical jobs and completing difficult tasks and getting that sense of achievement after doing so.
One of the highlights of my apprenticeship was being involved in the apprenticeship of the year competition in my 2nd and 3rd year.
I’d like to thank Greenhous DAF Wolverhampton for the opportunity to progress as a competent technician by offering me a full-time job on the completion of my apprenticeship.
Starting an apprenticeship at an ever-growing company such as Greenhous DAF, opens up a world of opportunities to progress through the company. 10 years of hard work after starting my apprenticeship, I have now worked my way up to Assistant Service Manager."
Do you want to follow in John’s footsteps?
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