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Greenhous Nissan x Martha Lily Photography

The collaboration of dreams

Greenhous Nissan have had the pleasure of collaborating with Martha Lily Photography for the last few months. We approached Martha to try out our Nissan range and document her adventures along the way. Martha is a superbly talented photographer and captured the most stunning films during her collabortion with us, be sure to watch her beautifully shot video of our Nissan Qashqai model. Check out more of her work and see a little bit of behind the scenes action on her youtube channel:

We caught up with Martha as she came out of her last car to see what she thought of the range and her experiences whilst she has been with us.

Can you give us a round up of your time working with Greenhous Nissan?

I’ve loved all of the cars, I loved trying my first ever electric car with the Nissan ARIYA. It was absolutely beautiful. Also, I enjoyed experiencing Nissan’s e-POWER, that was really cool and found it really innovative. Naming the cars has been fun and it has definitely made me more attached to them. Especially Quinnie the Qashqai, she was my first introduction to Nissan and I fell in love with her straight away. The glass roof and creamy interior was just really beautiful.

What gave you the inspiration to take the Qashqai to the beach?

I wanted to convey the versatility of the car and how dainty a big car can be despite the size. I have come from driving hatchbacks and going from that to driving big cars was daunting, however the 360 cameras that the Nissan Qashqai has made the parking and driving so easy. It has given me so much confidence on the road.

The car turning gave me the idea of a ballerina and a horse doing a pirouette simultaneously. I wanted to convey the versatility, elegance and daintiness that all three can have. I wanted to make people stop and watch the video by doing something really unique, using my camera and also my drone to get all the different angles and to highlight the glass roof. It was such a fun idea and we loved filming it.

How has the collab contributed to your business?

In terms of my business, I have loved having a creative project which each car and being able to flex my creative muscle with new content.

I was so nervous to drive the Qashqai but I absolutely loved the vehicle interior, the detail is fantastic and I loved how it made me feel when I was driving to shoots as it is such a beautiful car. I loved how the different cars made me feel and found it so interesting.

How do you feel about converting to an EV?

Regarding fully electric, I don’t think it would be for me at this time, due to the sheer mileage I cover. However, I fell in love with the ARIYA, the interior was beautiful and so different to anything else on the road.

What's your opinion on the Nissan range following your collaboration?

I’m absolutely converted and obsessed. Thanks Guys! I had to buy one in the end. Who’s surprised cause I’m not!



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